Our envisioned systems will enhance safety by using the strength of both the automation and human driver in a dynamic situation dependent way. The automation is understood and designed as the driver’s companion or TeamMate.


Project number: 690705

Call identifier: H2020-MG-2015_TwoStages

Topic: MG-3.6a-2015 Safe and connected automation in road transport

Tags/ Keywords: Man Machine interface, Human-Machine Team, Driver and Situation Monitoring, Dynamic Driving Task Distribution, Shared Understanding, Mutual Support, Safety

Project Scope

Develop, evaluate and demonstrate the «TeamMate Car» concept as a major enabler of highly automated vehicles

CHALLENGE The success of future more complex and more automated vehicles will depend on how well they interact, communicate and cooperate with humans both inside and outside the vehicle. READ MORE
CONCEPT Driver and automation have to be considered as team members who share the driving task and who are both responsible for the safety of driving. The object of design is not the automation system but the overall driver-automation team.AutoMate will create a highly reliable automated driving system that users can understand, accept, trust and eventually will regularly use. READ MORE
OBJECTIVES Viewing driver and automation as members of one team that understand and support each other in pursuing cooperatively the goal of driving safely, efficiently and comfortably from A to B. READ MORE
EXPECTED RESULTS We will deliver a conceptual framework, software implemented Teammate enabling techniques and a system architecture that will be used during the project to build TeamMate Car demonstrators and that can be reused after the project to equip highly automated systems with sophisticated human-machine cooperation capabilities. READ MORE


AutoMate project’s activities revolve around the building of three demonstrators to to test the safety, efficiency and effectiveness of the TeamMate Car technologies in different driving scenarios, and the development of seven enablers. See in details enablers and demonstrators.


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Our Partners

The AutoMate Consortium is made of 10 partners from Germany (4 partners), Slovakia (1 partner), Italy (2 partners), France (3 partners)