VEDECOM Demonstrator

This demonstrator is developed by VEDECOM and is focused on the following scenario:

Initial state: Martha enjoys to drive in manual mode in nice weather. The Team Mate assists her with information gathered by its sensors and communication channels (V2V, V2X, traffic information). Above this, the TeamMate steadily monitors the driver’s physical and psychological condition (e.g. situational awareness, workload, emotional and affective state) in regard to evaluate her ability to drive.

Scenario Evolvement: Martha drives safely on a calm motorway section as she gets an important text message. She grabs her phone and starts reading. The TeamMate identifies her distraction by eye-tracking and her driving parameters. Based on the driver’s preferences, the system knows she will be annoyed by an immediate full takeover. Therefore the system communicates in a multi-modal way that a distraction has been noticed and that the TeamMate could take over control.

Scenario Resolution: Martha realizes her own distraction and agrees with the take-over request. The system takes over full control of the vehicle and Martha is able to finish replying to the text message safely. The TeamMate keeps surveiling her distribution of attention and after it detects that she has finished texting, the TeamMate asks, if she wishes to take over again. She agrees, while still holding her phone in the hand and looking at its screen every few moments. The TeamMate observes this and reminds her to concentrate on the road before the take-over. Martha puts her phone away and grabs the steering wheel with both hands. As soon as full attention to the road is detected and all other parameters indicate her ability to drive, the TeamMate starts to hand her back the control over driving. With an escalating hand-over strategy Martha regains full control over the vehicle step by step. In this process, the system continuously checks for her ability to take over the single functions of the vehicle.