Watch the video of CRF vehicle demonstrator, showcased during AutoMate EU project Final Event, 12th of June 2019, on the occasion of IEEE Intelligent Vehicle Symposium in Versailles. The CRF vehicle is equipped with the enablers developed towards the project. More than 100 expert visitors had a run on the demonstrator to experience the #teammate car new paradigm of cooperation

AutoMate technical innovative Enablers

AutoMate EU Project developed 10 technical innovative Enablers. AutoMate Enablers have been integrated and implemented on car simulators and real vehicles to evaluate and demonstrate the safety, efficiency, and effectiveness of the TeamMate technologies in real-life traffic conditions. Here below the list of AutoMate Enablers: Driver monitoring system with driver state model for

VEDECOM vehicle demonstrator @AutoMate EU Final Event

Watch the video of VEDECOM vehicle demonstrator, showcased during AutoMate EU project Final Event, 12th of June 2019, on the occasion of IEEE Intelligent Vehicle Symposium in Versailles. The VEDECOM vehicle is equipped with the enablers developed towards the project. More than 100 expert visitors had a run on the demonstrator to

Approaching AutoMate Final Event

#savethedate ➡️ 12th June 2019, AutoMate Final Event. Here the CRF demonstrator, looking forward to performing on the road in automated mode. Follow AutoMate, stay update!

AutoMate HMI presented at ITS European Congress

On June 4th 2019 Andrea Castellano from RE:Lab presents at ITS European Congress the innovative HMI concept developed towards AutoMate EU project. The Congress takes place at the Evoluon Congress Centre in Eindhoven, Netherlands, from the 3rd until the 6th of June 2019. ITS Congress in Europe is the largest event entirely dedicated to smart mobility and digitalization of transport is organized by ERTICO

AutoMate presented at EUCAD 2019

Ebru Dogan from VEDECOM presents AutoMate EU project during EUCAD, the European Conference on Connected and Automated Driving. VEDECOM is one of the Partners of AutoMate EU project Consortium. Different stakeholders - both industrial and Academic bodies -  will join EUCAD to discuss the latest trends and findings on automated and connected driving. The

AutoMate contribution to CAD results pack published on CORDIS

This CORDIS Results Pack focuses on eight projects that are spearheading CAD (Connected and automated driving) research funded under the EU’s FP7 and Horizon 2020 research programmes. The AutoMate project is among these projects, devising a novel driver-automation interaction and cooperation concept to ensure that automated driving systems will reach their full

AutoMate at the workshop AI for Transportation and Smart Cities’, Ital-IA

 AutoMate Eu project will be presented in the Workshop ' AI for Transportation and Smart Cities', during Ital-IA , an Italian National Conference on Artifical Intelligence. In this occasion, Andrea Castellano from RE:Lab will discuss the new interaction paradigm for driving cooperation developed through AutoMate project. The workshop will take place in Rome (Italy), on the

AutoMate EU project HMI

Here’s a video preview of AutoMate HMI. This use-case shows how the vehicle is capable of asking the support of the driver to speed up the overtake of a big tractor, without disengaging from automated to manual mode. AutoMate Consortium will showcase the complete HMI functionalities during the project Final Event on

AutoMate at a Scientific conference on smart transportation in Hungary

On March 10th 2019 AutoMate will be presented by BroadBit at a Scientific conference on smart transportation in Hungary (Okos Közlekedési Tudományos Konferencia). The presentation will deal with Relevance of vehicular communication in the TeamMate concept. More info on the Facebook page of the event: