Our envisioned systems will enhance safety by using the strength of both the automation and human driver in a dynamic situation dependent way.

The automation is understood and designed as the driver’s companion or teammate.

The object of design is not the automation system but the overall driver-automation team. The system design has to specify solutions for enabling shared understanding of each other and the situation, mutual support, shared control and mutual learning.

“The TeamMate Car knows at any time what I am capable to do and I know what it is doing and can do”

“The TeamMate Car provides exactly the information I need”

 “The TeamMate Car learns from me and asks for my support and thus solves traffic situation according to my wish.”

Both driver and automation are able to assess the situation as well as their own capabilities and those of the other team member.

Therefore, AutoMate will create a highly reliable automated driving system that users can understand, accept, trust and eventually will regularly use.