ULM University


ULM is well known for its leading edge work on multiple object tracking and sensor data fusion. Furthermore, ULM has considerable expertise in human cognitive processes and models. In AUTOMATE they will improve their sensor data fusion algorithms towards better and enriched automated situation classification and interpretation and they will contribute to the development

of driver models for state and intention assessment.

ULM has built several autonomous vehicles that have been demonstrated in real traffic. This deep experience on autonomous driving will be further developed in AutoMate and be applied to the trajectory planning module of the TeamMate Car to allow for uncertainties in environment perception.

ULM will contribute to the development of all aspects of the TeamMate Car HMI based on its deep expertise on Human Factors and man-machine – interaction and will run empirical validation studies of these aspects. ULM will contribute to the integration of the TeamMate technologies and

the subsequent test and evaluations.