Main project objective


The objective of AUTOMATE is to develop, evaluate and demonstrate the “TeamMate Car” concept as a major enabler of highly automated vehicles.

This concept consists of viewing driver and automation as members of one team that understand and support each other in pursuing cooperatively the goal of driving safely, efficiently and comfortably from A to B.


List of Project Objectives


  • Objective 1: Develop solutions for flexible, gradual and smooth distribution of tasks between driver and automation to better handle critical driving situations.


  • Objective 2: Develop solutions to monitor, understand, assess and anticipate the driver, the vehicle and the traffic situation.


  • Objective 3: Develop solutions allowing the TeamMate Car to plan and execute driving maneuvers in a human expert-like way.


  • Objective 4: Develop solutions to assess and guarantee safety of all manual and automatically generated maneuvers at any time.


  • Objective 5: Develop solutions for optimized human-machine interaction. These solutions will serve two main goals.


  • Objective 6: Develop demonstrators to test the safety, efficiency and effectiveness of the TeamMate technologies in real life conditions and consider security, legal and societal issues.